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Digging Deep with Butterfield Builders: Understanding Excavation Services

June 13, 2024
Digging Deep with Butterfield Builders Understanding Excavation Services
Starting a construction project requires laying a solid foundation, which is where excavation services come into play. Most construction projects begin with excavation, which entails removing dirt, rock, and other materials to create a suitable foundation for structural work. It makes sense that the quality with which this work is completed can influence the whole […]
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Foundations for Success: Why Proper Excavation Matters in Construction

March 13, 2024
Foundations for Success Why Proper Excavation Matters in Construction
There is more to building a long-lasting structure than meets the eye. Proper excavation is one of the first tasks that will determine your success. Consider excavation to be the unsung hero of building. It's the foundation of your project, and ignoring it would be like trying to construct a home on shifting sands. It […]
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Expected Results of New Home Excavation

January 13, 2024
Expected Results of New Home Excavation
Acquiring a new plot of land to construct your ideal residence is an exciting undertaking, but it's often accompanied by uncertainty about where to start. The location, kind of soil, topography, and season will all affect how much excavation is done. The total cost of your new property may increase or decrease depending on how […]
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