Residential Contractor

When it comes to high-quality residential projects, utmost honesty, and integrity, Butterfield Builders Llc. has a distinctive approach. Whether you're starting new construction, finishing a basement, redesigning your dream kitchen, or performing a significant home makeover, we can help. For residences, we provide general contracting and excavation services. This includes things like footings, concrete, framing, flooring, electrical work, painting, and an array of other projects. From the first nail in the wall to the last coat of paint, our skilled professionals will assist you in every step of the home-building process. We handle everything!

Residential Foundations & Footings

The foundation is the most essential aspect of any building design, despite the fact that it is not visible once the structure is complete. The foundation must be robust enough to support the entire weight of the structure, its materials, and its inhabitants, and footings are a vital component of that foundation. When correctly planned and built, footing and foundation systems enable Butterfield Builders Llc. to construct houses that can endure the relentless forces of nature. Gravity, soil expansion, frost heaving, and hydrostatic pressure are a few of the subtle, unseen forces that can affect your home or structure. The distinctions between a foundation and a footing are outlined below:

  • Foundation - A home foundation is the load-bearing part of the structure, often built below ground. Any house foundation must excel at the least in these three areas: Support the above structure. Keep groundwater out. act as a barrier to soil vapor and water.
  • Footings - The base of a foundation is known as the footing. In construction, footings are essential because they distribute the building's weight evenly across the entire structure, preventing it from sinking into the earth.
Residential Foundation Construction in Salt Lake County Utah
Residential Foundation Contractor in Salt Lake County Utah
New Home Concrete Foundation Construction in Salt Lake County Utah
Home Concrete Foundation Contractor in Salt Lake County Utah

New Home Builder

Experience in the construction industry is necessary in order to successfully develop amazing houses and deliver exceptional construction services. From the moment you make initial contact with Butterfield Builders Llc. until the day we give over the keys to your new home, you can anticipate a highly individualized and personalized building experience. In Utah, we specialize in building new houses that are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and energy efficient.

Custom Home Builder

Butterfield Builders Llc. was founded on the belief that there was a more efficient method of constructing custom new homes in Utah. As a result, we have given up on one-size-fits-all design in order to incorporate the special features, concepts, and adaptations that fit your lifestyle. We keep your endeavor on schedule and on budget. We focus on the tiniest of details in order to perfect the craftsmanship you expect and deserve.

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New Home Builder in Salt Lake County Utah
New House Contractor in Salt Lake County Utah
New Home Construction Contractor in Salt Lake County Utah