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For every project, Butterfield Builders is dedicated to offering the best construction-related services and ensuring client satisfaction. We are committed to ensuring that your project is finished to the highest degree of satisfaction and above your expectations.

We have a wide range of excavating experience. Butterfield Builders has completed everything from straightforward trenching to intricate, substantial commercial excavation jobs. We are the preferred contractor for dirt work for many of Utah's commercial businesses and residents.

Butterfield Builders Llc. Excavation Services:

  • Site Preparation - Site preparation frequently involves two steps. Excavation is required in the first step to level the site, and we return to do the final grading in the second step after the building is complete. Final grading facilitates effective drainage and directs surface water away from the structure.
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  • Footings - Buildings, bridges, and other structures are supported by footings, which distribute the weight beneath them to prevent sinking or collapse of the heavier structure above. After a building site has been appropriately graded, excavation can start. This is when footing excavation takes place.
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  • Foundations - The process of removing dirt from the designated location to make way for the foundation is called excavation. As earth is removed, the trench may need to be strengthened, depending on the depth and tenacity of the soil.
  • Existing Editions - Excavating to the level of an existing structure's foundation immediately adjacent to the foundation can be destabilizing in extreme situations. The excavation reduces the vertical pressure next to the foundation, hence decreasing the soil's capacity to constrain the foundation.
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  • Water and Sewer Trenching - Digging is typically necessary during sewer excavation to find your pipeline. Although labor-intensive, this method effectively removes waste and clogs from the plumbing system. Additionally, it guarantees that attention is focused on the problem for a more thorough investigation.
  • Electrical Excavation - In both residential and commercial projects, electrical excavation includes site lighting, primary and secondary electrical lines, transformer pads, and pedestals. Trenching and directional boring are the two most used techniques for electrical site excavation. Numerous criteria, such as the project's budget, any barriers in the way, and the layout of your property, will determine which alternative is best for your project.
  • Retaining Walls - A retaining wall prevents soil from slipping or eroding by acting as a load-bearing structure. Its primary function is as a "soil retention" structure. Although soil may appear to be solid, there are constantly acting forces and pressures both on top of and within it. 
  • Concrete Preparation - The goal of the excavation process is to get the site ready for your construction project. Before grading the area to your project's specifications, the excavation team will remove large rocks and plants. It will be necessary to assess the soil at the construction site to see if it can prevent the distortion that can cause the concrete to break. To preserve the integrity of the concrete over time, it might be necessary to replace moisture-absorbing clay soil on the project site with quick-draining granular soil.
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  • Final Grade - To prepare the ground for final grading, the surface must be brought within the elevation tolerances needed for the construction project. By eliminating the huge chunks of soil, pebbles, and other unwanted debris, a smooth surface is created, contouring and shaping the desired region.

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The staff at Butterfield Builders is prepared to assist you with any type or size of project. We have considerable knowledge and a growing list of satisfied clients. At Butterfield Builders, we take every precaution to ensure that your project meets all local standards. Whether it's legal issues or other aspects of the excavation process, you can rest confident that our qualified and insured staff has you covered. We would be pleased to provide a quote for any upcoming projects!