Commercial Projects Start to Finish

Commercial Projects Start to Finish

For large, commercial projects, many business owners end up needing to hire several different companies to take their job from planning to construction to finish. This causes frustration due to all the juggling of schedules and coordination and makes it complicated to stay on track. That is not the case with Butterfield Builders. We expertly tackle every part of a construction project, ensuring the job is done with precision and timeliness. Our services include:

  • Codes and Permits – ensures proper zoning regulations are met, permits and accessed, and codes are enforced appropriately.
  • Excavation – site preparation, moving dirt or trees as needed, construction site creation.
  • Building Erection – construction of a new building or structural alterations/additions.
  • Concrete and Framing – flattening the site, pouring concrete foundations and walls, framing the structure.
  • Plumbing and Pipe Fitting – installation and connection of pipe systems for high-pressure environments and industrial needs.
  • HVAC and Electrical – installing heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems as well as wiring for extensive electrical systems.
  • Sheet Rock – installation and finish work, such as texturing and sanding.
  • Flooring – installation of any flooring required in accordance with the property’s demands.
  • Painting – general painting work as well as customized painting projects required by the property owner.

Skilled labor is a requirement for any construction project, but it’s especially important when it comes to an extensive commercial job. The entire venture needs to be streamlined. Communication is critical to ensuring the entire job is successful. A quality contractor that can handle the full-scale of the project will ensure maximum productivity, and it minimizes the chances of something falling through the cracks. Mistakes on commercial projects are not only inconvenient, but they also result in lost revenue for the business, which is unacceptable for most business owners. It’s critical to stick to the project timeline.

Working with a quality contractor takes the stress from you and gives it to the person who knows how to handle each hurdle. You’ll know the details are being executed with accuracy and expertise. There are three main reasons to hire a quality, commercial contractor. The first is for the safety and legal benefits. This means safety for the workers as well as the structure when it’s completed. They’re livelihood is on the line, so they want to follow codes and guidelines to ensure the safest structure for your employees. The second is to take advantage of their high-quality materials and workmanship. You won’t have to worry about getting scammed or ending up with a sub-par building when you hire an experienced and reputable contractor for the job. The third is for organization and efficiency. You have someone to expertly handle communication, scheduling, materials, subcontractors, budgets, and timelines so you can continue to focus on your business’s needs. No matter your budget, it’s critical to work with professionals that have experience with commercial-scale projects. To make sure your business’s build or remodel project in Utah is executed with the same care and hard work you put into your own business, trust the skilled professionals at Butterfield Builders.